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How do your waiters greet your guests?

How your waiter’s friendly gesture to guests does a lot in making them feel at home and is one of the ways to win their heart. Apart from serving them with good facial expressions, a waiter’s openhearted greeting is the beginning of hospitality. »

Don’t place the best furniture in the most popular corners.

Every restaurant has very popular tables that need to be positioned at different strategic corners. Positioning your furniture, you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket! First, take a look at your furniture (chairs and tables) and the corners available for guests. Probably not all your »

The more you pay your chef the lower should be the COGS.

How much should you pay your head-chef? Does it somehow related to the profit margin and your COGS (food-cost)? In my humble opinion, it is a direct relationship. And that is arguments why:Nowadays many cooking schools graduate well-skilled chefs. They are good at food production, they know how to »

How often should you do a stock-taking?

Simple answer - monthly. However, if your restaurant has more than one shift, probably you wish to count the most expensive alcohol and kitchen products a bit more often bi-weekly or even weekly. If you key in your incoming stocks into WAITRE’s database, better the same day or day »

Scold your waiters at the right time!

The quality of services, staff kind gesture and their facial appearance to guests is the mirror image of your restaurant. First impression lasts longer; consider a first-timer in your restaurant, the atmosphere and attitude of your waiters play the key role whether he or she will revisit your restaurant. One »

The facial control of waiters.

Do you have strict requirements for the appearance of your waiters? The commonest is the hair removal in girls (braids, buns), short haircuts in boys. Fallen hair in the plate! One of the greatest enemies of any institution. Absence of jewellery, especially on the hands, lack of bright makeup, manicure »

Champagne in a bucket of ice? Wrong!

Very often, a bottle of white or sparkling wine is served in a bucket of ice. And this is completely wrong! The fact is that the wine will not cool this way: because air has low heat capacity.White or sparkling wine should always be in a bucket where there »

Fake cinnamon? Which is yours?

Quality ALBA Ceylon costs $ 9 but the usual one which I always buy costs $ 1. It turns out that it is not cinnamon, but cassia - “fake cinnamon,” labeled as cinnamomum aromaticum, the bark of a related spicy-flavored tree, it is darker in appearance, since it is made from whole »

Why counting the drinkers at the table?

Guests ordered wine. The waiter brought, abiding by all the rules, he gave it a trial and now he poured ... according to etiquette: an older lady, a younger lady, an older man, a younger man. In the end, the wine got to the person who ordered it.But there is »

How to achieve high-quality foam on cappuccino and latte?

In milk for latte and cappuccino, fat content is not important, but the protein content - consistency of foam depends on its:(a high) protein content, the foam is viscous and oily;(a small) dry and coarse-grained.Experienced barista prefers a percentage of protein from 2.8 to 3.8% »

Organizing the Wine List to Maximize Sales

Let’s start out with the don’ts of maximizing wine sales. Do not order your list by price. This is a cardinal rule. You’re better off putting your wines in a random order than by price. Why? Because customers will start at the top and only go to »