Do you have oil, sauce, salt, pepper and toothpicks with napkins on the table? and a couple of stands with promo? Guests have to remove these to make full use of the table.

In the first place, removing all these sets from guest’s table will save your money, because tracking quality and replenishing stocks in time is a separate expenditure. Calculate the cost butter and sauce for months! One should get these ingredients at the right time to avoid being wasteful. Continually, you have to check their availability and make provision for them should there be need . Secondly, to save space on the table, it is better to put a flower or a special dish of the day only on the table and every other unwanted materials evacuated. Thirdly, majority of guests do not need to add raw salt to food. But if necessary, your waiter will bring seasonings from the service station. There will always be 3-4 sets in reserve.

A chef of reputable restaurants becomes upset when the guests “complete” the dishes on his table. Therefore he does not even make avail such opportunity, as he is always assured of giving out a finished masterpiece. Focus on them!