How many staff do you have in charge of the different places to store inventory? If you have four inventory locations, say a bar, kitchen, pantry (storage room) and wine cellar, you don't need to have four virtual store locations. Despite having four locations physically, you can create only two on paper (in your software). You can save by merging some locations inventory into one if they are managed by the same person.

For example, if the kitchen and pantry are managed by your head chef, while the bar and wine cellar are managed by your bar manager. It will be effective to only create two store locations instead of four. Not unless you want to burden your head chef and bar manager with some unnecessary work.

If you create 4 virtual locations, In order for them to keep inventory in the warehouse system up to date, they will constantly have to make transfers from one location they are responsible for to another. Which from their point of view doesn't make sense. Anyway, in case of any looses, the same person will take responsibility. whether  the shortage is incurred in the kitchen or pantry.