Fresh juices calculator.

OrangeHow many oranges does one need to make 1 litre of juice. To make 1 litre of orange juice, one needs approximately 13-15 mid size oranges. Orange juice is best stored in the refrigerator within 3 days.LemonsTo make 1 litre of lemon juice, you will need between 20-30 lemons. »

What infuriates guests? How do your waiters serve glassware!

When serving glassware - glasses, wine glasses and bottles, waiters must apply the principle of “waiter-guest zone”. Glasses need to be taken only  by the leg or at base  so that there are no fingerprints left on the glass.  One-third part of glass from the base is considered as the »

Do we need spices on the tables?

Do you have oil, sauce, salt, pepper and toothpicks with napkins on the table? and a couple of stands with promo? Guests have to remove these to make full use of the table.In the first place, removing all these sets from guest’s table will save your money, because »

How to avoid caffeine overdose after tastings

Have you decided to change the coffee list? Your barista organised the coffee tasting and you need to try a lot of different coffee? Ok, remember that overdosing coffee is unpleasant. Hand trembling, rapid heartbeat and sometimes dizziness. To stay healthy, it is advised not to drink more than 3-6 »

The female cleaner is a fighter of the invisible front.

What does your female cleaner look like? If she on duty can attract guests, then she should not be taken for granted as mere cleaner. But as the director of cleaning department, or at least the minister of cleanliness. She is expected to be in an attractive outfit or in »

Where to reuse empty bottles?

In developed countries, bottles are taken for recycling but in underdeveloped countries they are thrown in the trash. The fact remains that you can reuse a piece of glass.Bottles of wine, potable water and homemade compotes look good on guest tables. In beautiful bottles of liquor or wine, you »

Teach your waiters how to handle plates!

When serving dishes, the plate should be held as follows: four fingers at the base of the plate, and the first (thumb) finger slightly rises above its edge. If you do not follow this rule, it looks like “the waiter put his fingers in guest's dish”.This might be difficult »

What is "acceptable" stock variance?

How much variance for your raw ingredients are acceptable and how much is too bad, so you need to pay attention, try to understand and investigate.Human beings are not robots. Everyone makes mistakes. Even if your chefs are always using weights, it is impossible to make end month inventory »

How many virtual store locations do you need?

How many staff do you have in charge of the different places to store inventory? If you have four inventory locations, say a bar, kitchen, pantry (storage room) and wine cellar, you don't need to have four virtual store locations. Despite having four locations physically, you can create only two »

Are you ready to sell draft beer?

Did you know that if you have draft beer taps, you will be forced to throw away some amount of beer daily? One to Two pints of beer get stuck in the pipes that run from the keg daily. The beer gets spoiled overnight since the flexible pipes do not »

Inventory excess is the same bad as shortage...

You might think that having something in excess is better than having a shortage. You feel like your profit margins will be a bit higher since you saved some stuff. Yes, you saved some stuff but do you know how it happened? There are 3 main reasons for inventory of »