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The more you pay your chef the lower should be the COGS.

How much should you pay your head-chef? Does it somehow related to the profit margin and your COGS (food-cost)? In my humble opinion, it is a direct relationship. And that is arguments why:Nowadays many cooking schools graduate well-skilled chefs. They are good at food production, they know how to »

How often should you do a stock-taking?

Simple answer - monthly. However, if your restaurant has more than one shift, probably you wish to count the most expensive alcohol and kitchen products a bit more often bi-weekly or even weekly. If you key in your incoming stocks into WAITRE’s database, better the same day or day »

Fresh juices calculator.

OrangeHow many oranges does one need to make 1 litre of juice. To make 1 litre of orange juice, one needs approximately 13-15 mid size oranges. Orange juice is best stored in the refrigerator within 3 days.LemonsTo make 1 litre of lemon juice, you will need between 20-30 lemons. »

What is "acceptable" stock variance?

How much variance for your raw ingredients are acceptable and how much is too bad, so you need to pay attention, try to understand and investigate.Human beings are not robots. Everyone makes mistakes. Even if your chefs are always using weights, it is impossible to make end month inventory »

How many virtual store locations do you need?

How many staff do you have in charge of the different places to store inventory? If you have four inventory locations, say a bar, kitchen, pantry (storage room) and wine cellar, you don't need to have four virtual store locations. Despite having four locations physically, you can create only two »

Are you ready to sell draft beer?

Did you know that if you have draft beer taps, you will be forced to throw away some amount of beer daily? One to Two pints of beer get stuck in the pipes that run from the keg daily. The beer gets spoiled overnight since the flexible pipes do not »

Inventory excess is the same bad as shortage...

You might think that having something in excess is better than having a shortage. You feel like your profit margins will be a bit higher since you saved some stuff. Yes, you saved some stuff but do you know how it happened? There are 3 main reasons for inventory of »