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Don’t place the best furniture in the most popular corners.

Every restaurant has very popular tables that need to be positioned at different strategic corners. Positioning your furniture, you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket! First, take a look at your furniture (chairs and tables) and the corners available for guests. Probably not all your »

Champagne in a bucket of ice? Wrong!

Very often, a bottle of white or sparkling wine is served in a bucket of ice. And this is completely wrong! The fact is that the wine will not cool this way: because air has low heat capacity.White or sparkling wine should always be in a bucket where there »

How to achieve high-quality foam on cappuccino and latte?

In milk for latte and cappuccino, fat content is not important, but the protein content - consistency of foam depends on its:(a high) protein content, the foam is viscous and oily;(a small) dry and coarse-grained.Experienced barista prefers a percentage of protein from 2.8 to 3.8% »

How to avoid caffeine overdose after tastings

Have you decided to change the coffee list? Your barista organised the coffee tasting and you need to try a lot of different coffee? Ok, remember that overdosing coffee is unpleasant. Hand trembling, rapid heartbeat and sometimes dizziness. To stay healthy, it is advised not to drink more than 3-6 »